There has been a publication of TAPESTRY on 14/5/22.

The children have enjoyed our visits from a Vet and a Nurse, learning about those in the community who help us.

See them develop gross motor skills by negotiating the climbing frame, learning positional language such as under, over, around, through.

Outdoor play on balance beams, walkers, obstacle courses and more. 

The next publication will be on Friday 27th May 2022.  

Ongoing arrangements due to COVID -19.

Preschool remains open.

All families have been issued with the latest advice from Wokingham Council "Covid-19 & Schools: What you need to know" 

   Following the publication by the Government of 'Living with COVID-19' on 24th February 2022 and the lifting of legislation regarding testing & isolation periods, Preschool have updated their protocols and parents/carers have been contacted by email outlining these changes and updates.   

   As cases of COVID in the Wokingham area are still above average, particularly in educational settings, please continue to respect the safety of our staff who are working hard to keep Preschool open. The Church building remains open to a number of groups. We ask that parents & carers please continue to wear face coverings as well as considering others who wish to remain socially distanced.

   Please do not attend Preschool if you are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. Please ensure you continue to remain aware of the most recent guidelines, especially regarding testing & self-isolation. Further information can be found at

Updated 15/5/22