Parents and carers are welcomed to the setting as they are recognised as the first educators of their children. Parents are encouraged to contribute to the development of their child’s learning, sharing observations and helping to plan for their child’s next steps. We work in close partnership, helping to meet a child’s individual needs. Parents are represented on the Preschool Committee and their experience and opinions valued. 

Parents are given a Newsletter every half term that includes upcoming events and important dates for diaries. From September 2021 we will be using TAPESTRY, an online Learning Journal which will be shared with parents to show the children's learning & development. Parents are encouraged to interact with staff & include their own record of events, achievements or activities important to their child.

Parents are also invited to attend regular consultations with their child's Key Person in order to discuss the Learning Journals and to ensure individual needs are met. 

Preschool have t-shirts available with our logo printed on. These are ideal for the activities we have and means 'best clothes' are not spoilt in any way. These can be purchased at any time using the t-shirt order form.