A typical session

Our mornings start with the children self-registering and discovering the days helper.  Our start of the day chat helps them to plan what they would like to do, discussing ideas and activities they want to take part in, with the help of visual displays.

Every day differs, but we have some adult-led activities with each child's Key Person, which focus on the seven Areas of Learning and are planned to target individual levels of development. We also have Phonic groups each week as well as singing phonics sessions. There is always a wide range of activities for the children to do both inside and outdoors and everything is flexible enough to respond to child-initiated activities and in the moment planning. Sometimes we look at a simple theme such as colours of the rainbow, dinosaurs, transport or whatever else may interest a particular child or group of children. These things can be developed accordingly as imagination takes over and adults in the setting support the children in experiencing the awe and wonder of the world they live in! 

Every session offers children the opportunity to experience music, nursery rhymes & singing, storytelling including Bible stories, craft activities, books, number and snack times where the children come together in their Key groups to enjoy healthy snacks and drinks whilst chatting to friends and staff. Our dedicated practitioners are role models for the children - watching, listening & responding to them, continually modelling language,supporting independence & confidence and encouraging exploration & problem solving.

All the children are encouraged to put things away after play and to tidy at the end of each session. We come together before parents & carers arrive to collect the children to review the day or to talk about things that may have been brought from home to share.